How Maximize My Social Security Works

How It Works

Maximizes Lifetime Social Security Benefits

Our advanced software finds the best strategy to increase lifetime Social Security benefits.

Accurate and comprehensive, our software handles difficult calculations that other calculators don't.

Covers every situation:

  • Delaying retirement to receive higher benefits
  • Work longer, earning more to increase benefits
  • Sequence and time spousal and retirement benefits for grandfather under prior law
  • File/Suspend/Reinstate retirement benefits
  • Early retirement to activate child or disabled-child benefits and child-in-care spousal benefits
  • Start widow(er) benefit before full retirement when deceased spouse took retirement benefits early
  • Take retirement benefits before taking non-covered pension to delay activation of Windfall Elimination Provision
  • Delay retirement benefits to raise widow(er) benefits for surviving spouse or ex-spouse
  • Retirement Insurance Benefits
  • Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Divorced Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Child In-Care Spouse's Insurance Benefits
  • Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits
  • Divorced Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits
  • Child's Insurance Benefits
  • Childhood Disability Benefits
  • Surviving Child's Insurance Benefits
  • Father's and Mother's Insurance Benefits
  • New Social Security law and grandfathering rules
  • Early benefit reductions
  • Delayed retirement credits
  • The earnings test
  • Adjustment of the reduction factor
  • Re-computation of benefits
  • Option to suspend and reinstate retirement benefits
  • Family maximum
  • Combined family maximum
  • Disabled family benefit maximum
  • RIB LIM on widow(er) benefits when deceased spouse claimed early
  • Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)
  • Government Pension Offset (GPO)
  • Restricted application and deeming rules
  • Alternate widow(er)'s benefits when the deceased spouse died before age 62
Chart showing Your Plan and Maximized Plan with much larger Maximized Plan lifetime benefits
Picture showing messy stacks of paper and newspapers

Cuts the Complexity

Deciding which benefits to take and when is among the most important decisions households make.

Making the right decisions can increase your Social Security benefits by tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Making these decisions on your own is virtually impossible.

Why? Because Social Security is incredibly complex.

Social Security benefits are calculated based on thousands of rules and even more complicated rules about those rules.

Our software's expert algorithms find your highest Social Security lifetime benefits.

Clear Instructions. Shows how and when to file.

Specific To Do List for all plans
  • Actions to take
  • Filing dates
  • Details for you
  • Details for a spouse, partner or beneficiary
Screenshot of To Do List from program showing Social Security benefit filing dates for You and Your Spouse

Detailed reports show Year-by-Year benefits

View important detail on benefit amounts received each year under both your “what-if” strategy and the Maximized Plan, including when your Maximized Plan benefits break even with your “what-if” benefits.

Screenshot of chart from program showing Your Plan and Maximized plan annual Social Security benefit amounts with Maximized line much higher on chart.
Screenshot of detailed table from program showing Your Plan and Maximized plan annual Social Security benefit amounts.

Easy to Use. Try unlimited What-if scenarios.

Screenshot from program showing simple setup screen for creating a what-if Social Security benefit filing dates scenario.
  • Used successfully by thousands of customers
  • Step-by-step guidance––enter data in minutes
  • Find maximized strategy to increase lifetime benefits
  • Try unlimited what-ifs
    • retirement dates
    • earnings projections
    • maximum ages
    • filing dates
  • See detailed results online or download and print
  • Online software––runs on computers, tablets, and smartphones